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Roof Sheeting

Roof sheeting is available in IBR, Corrugated or Widespan options. Although we do
keep a variety of lengths, thicknesses and colours in stock, we are able to supply
according to your requirements.

IBR 0.4mm Galv 686mm Covering
IBR 0.5mm Galv 686mm Covering

Widespan 0.4mm Galv 762mm Covering
Widespan 0.5mm Galv 762mm Covering

8.3 Corrugated 0.3mm Galv 610mm Covering
10.5 Corrugated 0.4mm Galv 762mm Covering
10.5 Corrugated 0.5mm Galv 762mm Covering

IBR/Widespan & 10.5 Corrugated 0.5mm are available in the following
colours. Samples are available upon request:
Frost White; Sandstone Beige; Azure Blue; Terracotta; Traffic Green; Charcoal;
Dolphin Grey; Dove Grey; Buffalo Brown; Gemsbok Sand.